Our services

Jalon specializes in understanding mobility issues, mobilizing partners to deploy innovative solutions and supporting experimental projects that foster sustainable mobility.

Fields of activity

Jalon is involved in many areas of sustainable mobility

champs d'intervention

Our services


  • Supporting innovation and changing practices(including financing and ecosystem outreach)
  • Producing tools that improve decision-making (guides, maps, cartographies, etc.)
  • Mobilizing and consulting with stakeholders

Experimentation and innovative solutions

  • Developing experimental strategies
  • Coordinatingwith stakeholders
  • Spearheading pilot projects
  • Measuring results, providing experimental assessments and making recommendations
  • Designing sustainable mobility products and services

Audit and analysis

  • Analyzing mobility systems
  • Collecting data (interviews, data, etc.)
  • Conducting modelling and evaluations
  • Doing audits

Monitoring and forecasting

  • Developing prospective scenarios andprojections
  • Reviewing literature
  • Conducting regulatory and technological monitoring

Our approach

Prioritization methodology

Our team uses the “Reduce-Transfer-Improve” (RTI) approach, which helps tologicallygroup and analyze the challenges of sustainable mobility.

nos valeurs

1. Reduce

travel(needs, distances, frequency)

nos valeurs

2. Transfer

the modal share of travel to green modes

nos valeurs

3. Improve

the efficiency of existing modes of travel

*An internationally recognized approachused by various organizations like the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP), ThePartnership on Sustainable,Low Carbon Transport(SLoCaT), the Sustainable Mobility Policy of the Ministère des Transports du Québec (MTQ)and as part of CatherineMorency’s work asthe Polytechnique Montréal Mobilité Chair.