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Jalon Mobility Awards : discover the winners and special mentions of the first edition!

Tonight, in its first edition, the Jalon Mobility Awards recognized the work of twenty-some businesses that put smart and sustainable mobility at the heart of their projects. The awards were announced during an event hosted by journalist, presenter and producer Stéphan Bureau at the Gare Dalhousie in Montréal.


Winners and special mentions

Below is the list of winners and special mentions in each category. Details about the projects that got a special mention can be found in our event program (PDF, in French only). Take also a look at the photo album.


Technological innovation

Winners (ex aequo):

Algolux (EOS — Autonomous Vision)

Software that can be embedded in any digital vision system. It delivers improvements in perception accuracy of 30% to 60%, helping autonomous vehicles better adapt to difficult conditions like snow and fog.


LeddarTech (Leddar Pixell)

The Leddar Pixell is 3D Solid-State flash LiDAR solution with a 180-degree field of view designed explicitly for ADAS and Autonomous Driving applications on autonomous shuttles, commercial vehicles, transit buses, and robotaxis. The Leddar Pixell is a highly efficient detection solution to cover critical blind spots on large non-autonomous commercial vehicles such as trucks and buses, contributing to increased road safety.


Special mention:

Orange Traffic (Intersect)


Collective and shared mobility


Transit (Transit+)

With a unique functionality, the multimodal Transit+ route planner shows itineraries for everything from bike sharing to scooters to personal bicycles, the metro or train.


Special mentions:

Netlift, Réseau de transport de Longueuil, Société de transport de l’Outaouais



Winner: Jakarto

High-definition mapping done with 4K cameras and high-precision LiDARs that can be integrated into autonomous vehicles to increase the safety and efficiency of their journeys.


Active mobility


SmartHalo (SmartHalo 2)

A device that breathes life into the biking experience with unique features like a navigation system specifically designed for bikes, an anti-theft alarm, automatic lighting and smart tracking of performance metrics.


Special mention:

Cyclo Nord-Sud


Digital innovation


Transit (Real-time forecast model)

A real-time forecast system for collective transport based on machine-learning technologies that have helped improve the precision of iBUS and STM forecasts.


Special mention:

Bureau du taxi de Montréal


Urban planning


Société de transport du Saguenay (Ecomobility corridor)

A project that will connect the five key travel hubs in the sector. It includes the construction of multimodal stations, the acquisition of bikes and self-service vehicles and land use planning.


Urban logistics


La Compagnie Électrique Lion (Lion 8)

An all-electric urban truck made entirely in Québec. The first of its kind in North America with a range of up to 400 kilometres.


Special mentions:

La roue libre, Livraison Vélo Montréal


Human experience


Solon Collectif (LocoMotion) 

A car, trailer, cargo bike and electric bike sharing program among neighbours. LocoMotion enables citizens to transform their mobility by creating ties of solidarity within their neighbourhood.


Special mentions:, Société logique


Prix Coup de pouce STM


C2RO Cloud Robotics

Special mentions:, Solon Collectif, Vélo-Transit


Prix Coup de cœur du jury

Winners (ex aequo):

MRC de Memphrémagog

Société de transport de Laval


Ville de Montréal, Ministère de l’Économie et de l’Innovation, EY, STM, Fonds de solidarité FTQ, Behaviour, IVÉO and Movin’On Connect.




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