Shaping urban mobility

To shape sustainable and intelligent mobility in an urban setting, Jalon undertakes a variety of initiatives and offers services in five main areas of activity.

  • 1 mobilizing
  • 2 encouraging
  • 3 rolling out
  • 4 promoting
  • 5 improving
  • Mobilizing complementary stakeholders around issues to be resolved

    To help foster the sustainable and intelligent mobility of tomorrow, we need to understand the many complex issues around it. This means mobilizing the cooperative strength of a wide array of stakeholders who are not yet in the habit of dialoguing or who speak vastly different professional languages.

    To bring these minds together to share their know-how, Jalon regularly organizes events of various sizes, such as conferences, citizen consultations and lunch & learn events. We also develop communities of interest around important subjects, such as autonomous vehicles or the challenges of urban deliveries.

    Lunch & Learn

    Jalon brings together small groups of industry stakeholders at lunch & learn events that help them build relationships and dialogues while focusing on topics relating to mobility. A few examples of recently addressed topics include ecodesign, urban planning and mobility, autonomous vehicles, and human behaviour..

    Want to take part in these informal gatherings? Have any ideas about topics we should be discussing? Write to us!

  • Encouraging innovation and experimentation in the field of mobility

    Market analysis, grant-writing and financial structuring, corporate guidance and sponsorship, opportunity studies, testing in controlled and urban environments: our expertise can help stimulate your innovation in the field of mobility.

    In 2018, for example, Jalon contributed to two autonomous vehicle initiatives: self-driving vehicle user tests and developing a questionnaire (and analyzing the responses) on the implementation of a driverless test shuttle at Montreal’s Olympic Stadium.

    In situ user tests – autonomous vehicles

    In October 2018, Jalon conducted its first autonomous vehicle user-experience test on the PMG test track in Blainville. The objective was to get a snapshot of the state (emotional, cognitive and attentive) of the user in a self-driving car, depending on the manoeuvres performed and the vehicle’s degree of autonomy. This experimentation raised such questions as:

    • What types of experiences do we undergo in autonomous vehicles?
    • What kinds of services could we eventually use in such vehicles?
    • How should we envision the interior layout of these vehicles?

    Autonomous Shuttle – Olympic Stadium

    As part of self-driving shuttle testing at Montreal’s Olympic Stadium in the fall of 2018, the City of Montreal asked Jalon to develop various questionnaires and to analyze the results collected from workers, passengers and passersby in contact with or using the shuttle.

  • Rolling out new forms of mobility

    In addition to mobilizing stakeholders, Jalon also works with various members of the ecosystem to apply or further advance various aspects of integrated urban mobility: pooling or sharing of fleets, active commuting, and optimization of existing resources for sustainable mobility.

    With our consulting and analysis expertise, we play a key role in a number of integrated and intelligent mobility initiatives, including the Smart Cities Challenge and the optimization of urban delivery strategies.

    Smart Cities Challenge

    This May, the Ville de Montréal won the Smart Cities Challenge, a project led by Infrastructure Canada that provides $50 million in funding to develop various projects.

    Under the direction of the Montreal Urban Innovation Lab, Jalon will be one of the partners at the helm of the mobility data hub.

    Jalon will be responsible for delivering the digital platform and the valuation and visualization tools for mobility data. They will work with various partners to create this
    solution and will mobilize the ecosystem to reach their set objectives.

    Urban Delivery Strategy

    The City of Montreal has asked Jalon to look into urban logistics and all the potential solutions to rethinking the way we supply cities and their residents. Jalon recently established a participatory approach that aims to mobilize stakeholders in the delivery of goods value chain. After reaching a consensus on the assessment, we set out to target the inconveniences and constraints relating to every kind of urban delivery. Jalon identified 26 potential solutions, including some that are currently undergoing feasibility studies.

    Experimentation hub for urban delivery

    This June, the Ville de Montréal announced the launch of an experimentation hub for urban delivery solutions on the site of the former bus terminal near the Berri-UQAM metro station.

    This project is leveraging one of the solutions put forward as part of a Jalon-led mandate from the Ville in 2018 to mobilize industry players around urban logistics.

    For this new phase, Jalon will again by guiding the city in the execution of a delivery pilot project which will be launched in the fall of 2019 with the key partners yet to be announced.

  • Promoting the local ecosystem

    Montreal and its surrounding metropolitan region provide winning conditions for supporting, developing, and testing emerging mobility-related technologies.

    Jalon is committed to promoting these unique assets on the national and international scenes by taking part in various missions, attending major mobility events, and holding the Jalon Mobility Awards, an annual awards gala recognizing innovation and excellence in intelligent and sustainable mobility.

    National and International Presence

    In 2018, Jalon held workshops and presented talks at various key events, including Movin’On, LA CoMotion, and Les Entretiens Jacques-Cartier. Jalon also regularly hosts international delegations—from Germany, among others—seeking to further international collaboration.

    Jalon Mobility Awards

    The first edition of the Jalon Mobility Awards will be held on October 17, 2019. See the section on the awards for complete details.

  • Improving our collective knowledge of mobility

    Via real or virtual infrastructures, or through its participation in discussion forums and coordinating committees, Jalon encourages and gives structure to reciprocal learning and the sharing of knowledge in the field of sustainable and intelligent mobility.

    To this end, Jalon manages a strategy to implement and share mobility data, supported by the Ministère de l’Économie et de l’Innovation.

    Implementation and Sharing of Data

    Through $1.2 million in funding from the Ministère de l’Économie et de l’Innovation, Jalon is currently working on providing a virtual space for the sharing and cross-referencing of open and private mobility data to benefit researchers and businesses seeking to develop new products and services.

    Chantier de l'auto-solo

    Jalon has the mandate to coordinate the activities of this multidisciplinary project, the aim of which is to better understand the attachment that Quebecers have to their individual cars. As part of le Chantier, strategies will be deployed to get as many people as possible to take action to ensure our transition to sustainable mobility. The Chantier has a dual mission that includes research and experimentation.